1st December 2021

Christmas Table Top Tree!

What you will need to make your little Christmas table top tree:

  • Scissors
  • Sirdar Happy Cotton in whatever colours you want, we used shade 780 
  • Toilet roll
  • Decoration - we used little stars and glitter felt
  • Double sided sellotape

Step 1

Cut your toilet roll lengthways so you can unravel it and make it flat

Step 2

With one of the ends on the inside of the toilet roll put a piece of double-sided tape down the edge don’t take the backing off just yet. 

Step 3

At the other end starting at the corner, start rolling it towards the middle so you end up with a cone shape. Just before getting to the end remove the double-sided tape and stick. 

Step 4

Then trim the bottom of the cone so that it can stand up.

Step 5

Cover the whole cone with double sided tape as this is what your yarn is going to stick to. Make sure you cover all the edges around the bottom and top.

 Step 6

Start wrapping the yarn around the cone don’t worry about being too tidy as it gives it a rustic charm.


Step 7

After covering the whole of the cone with the yarn making sure there is not tape or cardboard showing. cut the thread and push in the hole at the top.

Step 8

Now it is time to decorate your mini tree! We used star sequins and gold felt but you can used whatever you like!

It would be lovely to see your creations please tag them to our Facebook post!

29th November 2021

Flash Sale!


Saturday 11th December



20% OFF

Discount will be applied at checkout


We look forward to seeing you!

*Cannot be used in conjunction with Associate Member Cards

19th November 2021

Mini hats and Gonks!

Todays make...Christmas decorations!

After popular demand we have another Christmas Craft idea...

Mini bobble hat!

You will need:

  • Yarns in different colours
  • Loo roll tube
  • Piece of cardboard around 17cm long
  • Scissors

Step one

Cut 2cm off the loo roll tube and put to one side 

Step two

With your piece of cardboard, wrap your yarn around a few times. Then after you have quite a bit on there, cut the yarn at one end of the cardboard so that you have long strips.


Step three

Going back to your 2cm piece of loo roll tube, get your strips of yarn, fold in half. Putting one end up through the loo roll and then with the loop end thread the loose bits through to make a slip knot. So then this is attached to the tube.  Do this all the way around the edge of the tube until you cannot see any of the cardboard.

Step four

Then push all the of the pieces of yarn through the middle so you get a defined rim on the hat.

Step five

With one piece of thread, tie around the loose ends to make the top of the bobble hat.



Step six 

Neaten the edges and cut the ends to the desired length to make the bobble.

Ta da! You have made a bobble hat that can be used as a tree decoration or even a garland.


Mini Gonks!

You can even make your bobble hats in mini gonks by adding white yarn and a button!

Follow the steps as above, then…

  • Wrap the white yarn around your hand until you have a good amount.
  • Slide it off your hand carefully so you still have it in loops. Cut one end
  • Tie a knot in the looped side and then push inside of the hat, you can either sew or glue the button on for his nose. 


We hope you have fun making your Bobble hats and Gonks and look forward to seeing you soon!

9th November 2021

Christmas Crafts

Festive Fabrics now in store!

We have a great range of festive fabrics suitable for dressmaking, toys, patchwork, bag making and Christmas accessories.

Please see here to browse some of the Christmas fabrics we have in stock:

Many more varieties of colours and designs are available in store, come in to see us at Yandles Arts & Crafts shop or please contact us to find out more!

Christmas Craft Fun!

Looking for something fun to do with your left-over scraps of Christmas fabric or not sure what to do with your fat quarters?

How about making a Christmas scraps garland, it's quick and easy to do!

You will need:

  • Ribbon
  • Scraps lengths of fabric
  • Pinking shears scissors

Step one

With either your left-over fabric or fat quarters cut them into lengths of roughly 18cm long by 2cm wide, you don’t have to be too precise with this. 

Step two

After you have cut a range of different fabrics start knotting them onto the ribbon with just a straightforward knot. Keep doing this until you have your desired length of your garland and ta da! You have finished your scraps garland!

Don’t worry too much about the fabric fraying as using pinking shears should stop this from happening too much.

You can make it in a range of different fabrics and materials of your choice. 

We hope you have fun making your Christmas Scraps Garland and look forward to seeing you soon!

3rd November 2021

November News

New in November...

Christmas Yarn

Add a true sparkle of festivity this season, with glittery yarns which are perfect for making fun accessories such as scarves, Christmas decorations and much more!

See instore or online here for further details:

Loxley Easels now in Stock!

We now have new stock of lovely Loxley Wooden Easels, superb quality at great prices.

This would make a fantastic Christmas gift idea for yourself or loved one!

Come in store or see online for the variety of sizes we have available:

For further Christmas gift ideas, please come in store or see our new Christmas section on our website.

We look forward to seeing you!

26th October 2021

October 2021




Batty prices with 20% off Winsor & Newton Art Packs

Offer valid until 31st October 2021, whilst stocks last



for further details

21st September 2021

Autumnal Shades

7th September 2021

Autumn Handmade Market - Saturday 11th September 2021

Autumn Handmade Market -  Saturday 11th September 2021



Autumn Show Special - 15% off!


On Saturday 11th September there will be 15% off all our items in the Arts & Crafts shop unless already reduced!

29th July 2021

Autumn Handmade Market 2021

Autumn Handmade Market 2021



Yandles Autumn Handmade Market -  Saturday 11th September 2021

We are pleased to announce our next Handmade Market!

A free family friendly day out supporting some of the best of the South West’s Arts and Crafts people. The fair will run from 10am to 4pm with free on-site parking and free entry to the public. Along with lots of lovely stalls you will find demonstrations from leading woodworkers and crafters, also fantastic in store special offers! Come and find us, just off the A303 at Martock.

For further information, please see our events tab. If you would like to apply for a pitch to trade at our Market then please email to request an application form. All products for sale must be created by hand by yourself.

Application deadline is Friday 20th August 2021.

28th July 2021

Associate Member & Loyalty Cards

Associate Member & Loyalty Cards

Associate Member & Loyalty Cards 2021/2022 Registration

Yandles Associate Membership & Loyalty Cards will be back up and running on Sunday 1st August 2021 after a pause during 2020/2021. 

Associate Membership Card

Associate Membership offers a discount card entitling the bearer to 10% off in-store full price purchases. It is intended for those working in a professional capacity within creative industries and for those running or attending creative groups. Valid for one year.

Yandles Loyalty Card

Sign up for our Loyalty Card and receive rewards for your custom. 

  • Spend £15 or more in-store 10 times and receive a £10 Yandles voucher to redeem in-store
  • Email updates on new products and promotions, special discounts on products in-store and online
  • Be the first to hear about any events.
  • Valid for two years

Both cards only apply in-store. 

Not to be used in conjuction with each other or with other in-store promotions.

To receive your new card, please complete a registration form available in store.

We comply with the new GDPR laws and are committed to protecting your privacy. 

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